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List Description
AlphaBeta Alpha Beta - Drake University
AlphaChi Alpha Chi Chapter - The Univ. of Tulsa
Alphachialum Alpha Chi Alumni Listserv
AlphaGamma University of Kentucky
alphanu [no description available]
alphaomicron [no description available]
alphaphi [no description available]
alpharhoalumni Alpha Rho Alumni
Alphatheta [no description available]
AlphaThetaAlumni Alpha Theta Alumni Listserv
alphaxi Alpha Xi Chapter
Alphaxialumni [no description available]
AtlantaAlumni Atlanta Area Alumni Association
Betaalpha [no description available]
BetaDelta Beta Delta Chapter @ Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas
BetaDeltaAlum Beta Delta Alumni
betaiota [no description available]
Betakappa [no description available]
BetaLambda Beta Lambda Collegians
BetaLambdaAlumni Beta Lambda Alumni
BetaLambdaProbies Beta Lambda Probationaries
Betamu Active Members @ Central Methodist University, Fayette, MO
Betanu [no description available]
Betaomega [no description available]
BetaOmicron Beta Omicron Chapter at Mansfield University
BetaPi Beta Pi Chapter, University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA)
BetaPiAlumni Listserv for alumni of the Beta Pi chapter.
BetaSigma University of Idaho
Betaxi [no description available]
Betaxialumni Beta Xi/Columbus Alumni
BostonAlumni Boston-area Sinfonian Alumni
capefearalum Cape Fear Alumni Interest Group
Cfaalum [no description available]
Cfalum [no description available]
CFAreaAlum [no description available]
CGAA Coastal GA Alumni Assn
chicagoaaa Chicago Area Alumni Association
ColoradoAlumni Alumni in the Colorado area
DCalumni DC Area Alumni Association - Alumni of the Greater DC Area including Maryland and Virginia since January 31, 1998
Debeta [no description available]
Delta [no description available]
DeltaEpsilon Delta Epsilon Chapter Mailing List - University of Louisiana at Lafayette
deltaiota Delta Iota, Western Michigan University
Deltalambda Delta Lambda Chapter, Ball State University
DeltaLambdaAlumni Delta Lambda Alumni
deltamu [no description available]
Deltanu Delta Nu chapter -- Bradley University
Deltanualum DN Alumni
DeltaOmega Delta Omega Chapter at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA
DeltaOmegaAlumni Delta Omega Chapter Alumni
deltapi [no description available]
DeltaPsi Auburn University, Delta Psi Chapter
DeltaPsiAlumni Delta Psi Alumni, Auburn University
Deltasigma [no description available]
Deltasigmaalumni [no description available]
DeltaTau Oklahoma State University
Deltaxi [no description available]
DFWalumni D/FW Area Alumni Association
ditext Delta Iota textserv
Eceac [no description available]
Eceadv [no description available]
Eceld1 Enhanced Collegiate Experience Leadership Development 1 Task Force
Eceld2 [no description available]
Ecell1 [no description available]
Ecell2 [no description available]
Ecemd [no description available]
ECEMR [no description available]
Ecepm1 [no description available]
Ecepm2 [no description available]
Ecerm [no description available]
Epsilon [no description available]
EpsilonAlpha [no description available]
EpsilonDelta Epsilon Delta -Univ of South Alabama
EpsilonEta University of Puget Sound
EpsilonEtaAlumni Epsilon Eta Alumni
EpsilonEtaEC Epsilon Eta Executive Committee
EpsilonEtaFWD Forwarding list for alumni
EpsilonEtaPM Epsilon Eta Probationary Members
EpsilonGamma University of Central Missouri
EpsilonIota [no description available]
EpsilonKappa Epsilon Kappa Chapter
EpsilonKappaAlum Epsilon Kappa Alumni
EpsilonKappaPM Epsilon Kappa Probationary Members
Epsilonlambda [no description available]
EpsilonOmicron Epsilon Omicron Collegiate Members
EpsilonOmicronAlumni Alumni of Epslion Omicron
Epsilonphi [no description available]
Epsilonpi Hartwick College
Epsilonpialumni Epsilon Pi alumni
EpsilonRho The Epsilon Rho Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
EpsilonSigma Epsilon Sigma - West Virginia University
Epsilonsigmaalumni Alumni of Epsilon Sigma Chapter
Epsilonupsilon University of Evansville
EtaAlpha Eta Alpha chapter listserv
EtaAlphaAlumni Eta Alpha Chapter Alumni
EtaBeta Eta Beta Chapter
EtaBetaAlumni Eta Beta Alumni
Etagamma [no description available]
EtaIota [no description available]
EtaMu Listserv for official Eta Mu Chapter business and correspondence.
EtaMuAlumni Listserv for alumni and friends/supporters of Eta Mu Chapter
EtaOmegaAlumni A Listserv for the Alumni of the Eta Omega Chapter at the University of Florida
Etaphi [no description available]
Etapsi University of Maryland - College Park
Etaxi [no description available]
GammaAlpha Gamma Alpha Chapter Listserv
GammaAlphaAlumni Listserv for the alumni of the Gamma Alpha chapter at James Madison University
Gammabeta [no description available]
GammaDelta Gamma Delta Listserv - Murray State University
Gammadeltaalumni [no description available]
GammaEpsilon Gamma Epsilon Chapter - Michigan State University
GammaEta Furman University
Gammaiota Sinfonians of Baylor University
Gammaphi Men of Music at Texas State University
GammaPhiAlumni Alumni of Gamma Phi At Texas State University - San Marcos
GammaRho Gamma Rho Collegiate Email Listserv
GammaRhoAlumni Gamma Rho Chapter Alumni Email Listserv
Gammatheta [no description available]
Gammaxi Gamma Xi Chapter - Morningside College
Gammaxialumni Alumni of Gamma Xi Chapter - Morningside College
Governingstructuretf [no description available]
Governtaskforce [no description available]
GreaterHoustonAlumni Alumni in the Houston TX area
Houses [no description available]
IAAA Indianapolis Area Alumni
IndianaGamma [no description available]
Iota [no description available]
IotaAlpha Iota Alpha Chapter, Alma College
Iotaalphaalumni [no description available]
Iotaepsilon Iota Epsilon Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha
IotaKappa Brothers and alumni of Iota Kappa.
Iotamu [no description available]
Iotanu [no description available]
Iotanualumni [no description available]
Iotaphi [no description available]
Iotapi [no description available]
iotapsi Phi Mu Alpha Iota Psi Chapter List
Iotarho [no description available]
Iotasigma [no description available]
JacksonAlumni Members of the Jackson, MS Area Alumni Association
Jacsonalumni [no description available]
KappaBeta [no description available]
kappachi [no description available]
Kappachialumni [no description available]
KappaEta Chapter mail - Arkansas Tech University
Kappagamma Kappa Gamma Mailing List
KappaIota [no description available]
KappaOmicron Kappa Omicron Chapter
KappaOmicronAlumni The KappaOmicron Alumni Listserv
kappapsi [no description available]
KappaZeta The Kappa Zeta Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity
KappaZetaAlumni Alumni of the Kappa Zeta Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity
Lambdabeta [no description available]
LambdaGamma Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
LambdaMu Lambda Mu Chapter Listserv
LambdaMuAlumni Lambda Mu and North Jersey Alumni
Lambdaphi Lambda Phi
Lambdaphialumni Alumni of the Lambda Phi Chapter of Mississippi State University
Lambdapi Lambda Pi Chapter Listserv (Boston Conservatory)
LambdaRho Northwest Mississippi Community College
lambdasigma [no description available]
LambdaXi [no description available]
lasinfonians Los Angeles Sinfonian Alumni Group
Mu University of Oklahoma (
MuAlumni Mu Alumni
mubeta [no description available]
MuDelta [no description available]
Mueta [no description available]
Muetaec [no description available]
Mugamma [no description available]
Munu [no description available]
muomicron Ouachita Baptist University
MusicCityAlumni Alumni of the Greater Nashville Area
Musiccityalumniassociation [no description available]
Mutheta [no description available]
MuXi Mu Xi - Stephen F. Austin State University
Nashvillealumni Alumni of the Greater Nashville Area
Newyorkalumni [no description available]
Nueta [no description available]
Nuiota [no description available]
Nukappa [no description available]
NuLambda [no description available]
NuOmicron Nu Omicron - Illinois State University
NuOmicronAlumni Nu Omicron Alumni Listserve
nupsi [no description available]
Nupsialumni [no description available]
nusigma Nu Sigma - College of William and Mary
NuSigmaAlumni An e-mail list for alumni of the Nu Sigma Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, along with faculty and other alumni in the area associated with the Chapter.
NuTheta ΦMA Nu Theta - Kennesaw State University
Nuupsilon [no description available]
NuZeta [no description available]
Ohiobeta [no description available]
omicronalpha Omicron Alpha at William Paterson University
OmicronBeta Nicholls State University
Omicronbetaalumni Alumni of Omicron Beta (NSU)
OmicronEpsilon [no description available]
Omicrongamma [no description available]
OmicronIota Omicron Iota Actives' Mailing List
OmicronIotaAlumni Alumni of Omicron Iota Chapter
omicronkappa [no description available]
omicronlambda [no description available]
Omicronmu [no description available]
Omicronmualumni Omicron Mu alumni list
Omicronnu [no description available]
omicronomega [no description available]
OmicronPhi Mailing list for the Omicron Phi Chapter at the University of Alabama
Omicronphialumni [no description available]
Omicronpi [no description available]
OmicronPsi The Chapter List of Omicron Psi
OmicronRho omicronrho
Omicrontheta [no description available]
OmicronUpsilon The Omicron Upsilon Chapter at the University of Houston.
OmicronZeta Mailing List for Omicron Zeta at Prairie View A&M University
P25expansion Province 25 Expansion Committee
P34alumni Province 34 Alumni Engagement
p34fep Fraternity Education Project
P34officers Province 34 Officers: PG, DPG, CPR, ACPR I, ACPR II
P34standards Province 34 Standards Board Committee
P37CFT Province 37 Committee on Fraternal Tradition
P37Leaders Province 37 Leadership Team
P40Leaders Listserv for province and chapter officers in Province 40.
Pc24 Province 24 Council
phi Phi Chapter
phillyalumni Philadelpha Area Alumni Association
PhoenixAlumni Sinfonian alumni in the Phoenix, AZ area.
Pichi [no description available]
pieta [no description available]
Pigamma [no description available]
PiIota Emailing list for the Pi Iota chapter in Elmhurst, IL
Piiotaalumni Pi Iota Alumni List Serve
Piiotaexec List for executive officers of the Pi Iota chapter in Elmhurst, IL
Pikappa [no description available]
PiLambda Pi Lambda Chapter at Alderson-Broaddus College, Philippi, WV
Pimu Pi Mu- University Of Tampa
Pimualumni [no description available]
PiNu Pi Nu Chapter at Jackson State University
Pipsi Texas A&M University - Commerce
PiRho Pi Rho Chapter - Mars Hill College, NC
pisigma Pi Sigma, Samford University, Birmingham, AL
Pisigmaalumni Pi Sigma Alumni/Faculty - Samford University
PiTau Oklahoma Baptist University - Shawnee, OK
PiUpsilon Pi Upsilon - Colorado State University
Piupsilonalumni Pi Upsilon Chapter Alumni Listserve
Pixi [no description available]
PiZeta Pi Zeta Chapter at Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO.
Prov36leadership [no description available]
Prov36presidents Listserv for P36 Presidents and PG
province1 Province One Listserve
Province11 [Province 11 List serve]
province12 Province 12 Listserv
Province13 Province 13 Leadership
Province13alumni Province 13 Alumni
Province14 Louisiana Mafia & H.R.A.
province15 Province 15 List
province16 [no description available]
Province17 Province 17 - Upstate New York
Province17presidents Listserv for Province 17 Chapter President, CPR, ACPR, & PG
province18 [no description available]
province19 The 9 Chapters of Missouri
Province1Council Province One Council Listserv
province2 Province 2
Province20 Province20
Province21 Province 21 Mailing List
Province22 Southern California province of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
Province23 Listserv for Province 23: West Texas, New Mexico
province24 Province 24: Mississippi
province25 The Province 25 Listserve
province26 Province 26, Iowa, Western Illinois, Southern Minnesota
province27 Province 27 Listserv
province27presidents Province 27 Chapter Presidents (only)
province28 Province 28 of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
province29 [no description available]
Province3 Province 3 Sinfonians
province30 Province 30--South Carolina and Eastern Georgia
Province30alumni [no description available]
province32 Province 32--North Central, Northeast Texas
Province33 Province 33 (Northern and Central Georgia)
province34 Province 34: Alabama
Province34presidents The official listserve for all chapter presidents in Province 34.
Province35 Province 35 (Arizona, New Mexico, El Paso)
province36 Province 36 - North FL/South GA Listserv
Province37 Province 37
Province38 Washington, Oregon, Idaho
Province39 North-Central WV, Western MD, Southwestern PA
Province39presidents [no description available]
Province3alumni A List for Alumni Living in Province 3
province4 Province 4 - Arkansas
Province40 Province 40 - Southeastern Texas
province5 Province 5 of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
province6 Province 6 Listserv - Nebraska, Western Iowa
Province7 Province 7: Kansas and Colorado
Province8 Province 8 - Oklahoma
province8presidents Province 8 - Oklahoma (Presidents Only)
Province9 Province 9 - South Texas
Province9alumni [no description available]
RedandBlackTO The Red and Black Intramural Team of the Theta Omicron Chapter
Rew [no description available]
Rhoalpha Active Members of Rho Alpha Chapter, Lander University
Rhobeta [no description available]
Rhochialumni [no description available]
RhoDelta The Rowdy Rho Delta Chapter @ Albany State University
RhoEpsilon Rho Epsilon Chapter
RhoEpsilonAlumni [no description available]
RhoEta The Rho Eta Chapter at Florida International University, Miami, FL.
Rhogamma [no description available]
Rhokappa [no description available]
Rhomu Rho Mu Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha (NSU)
RhoNu [no description available]
Rhoomega [no description available]
Rhopi [no description available]
rhosigma Rho Sigma Chapter of West Chester University, PA
RhoSigmaAlumni Rho Sig Alumni
RhoTau Members of the Rho Tau Chapter, Appalachian State University
RhoTauAlumni Alumni of the Rho Tau Chapter
RhotauPM [no description available]
rhoupsilon Rho Upsilon Chapter of Temple University
RhoUpsilonAlumni Rho Upsilon Alumni
Rhoxi Grand Valley State University
RhoZeta [no description available]
Saevols SAELT Volunteers
Sanantonioalumni [no description available]
sigmachi Sigma Chi listserve (Henderson State University)
SigmaEpsilon Sigma Epsilon Chapter at Indiana U. - Purdue U. Fort Wayne
Sigmaeta [no description available]
SigmaGamma Sigma Gamma - Kutztown University
SigmaKappa Delaware State University
SigmaOmega UT-Arlington's Sigma Omega Chapter
sigmapsi [no description available]
SigmaTau Sigma Tau, Towson University
Sinfoniacircle [no description available]
Sinfoniacircle2 [no description available]
Stlaaa St. Louis Area Alumni Association
Tampabayalum [no description available]
Tau Tau Chapter Collegiate Listserve
TauPhi Tau Phi Chapter - Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Theta Mailing list for members of the Theta Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia at Syracuse University.
Thetagamma [no description available]
ThetaIota [no description available]
Thetakappa [no description available]
thetalambda [no description available]
ThetaNu Theta Nu at Northern State University, SD.
ThetaOmicron Theta Omicron Listserve
ThetaOmicronAlumni For the Alumni of the Theta Omicron Chapter and the Knoxville Metropolitan Area
ThetaOmicronExec The Executive Committee for the Theta Omicron Chapter
ThetaOmicronPM The current probationary class for the Theta Omicron Chapter.
ThetaPi The Theta-Pi Chapter Listserve at Morehead State University
ThetaPiAlum Listserv for the alumni of Theta Pi
thetasigma [no description available]
ThetaTau This is the listserv for the Theta Tau chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia at Austin Peay State University
Thetataualumni Theta Tau Alumni Listserv
ThetaUpsilon Theta Upsilon chapter at Delta State University
Thetaupsilonalumni [no description available]
Thetaupsilonpm [no description available]
TulsaAlumni Tulsa Area Alumni Association
Upsilon [no description available]
UpsilonChi Northwest Missouri State University; Maryville, MO
Upsiloncolonyinterestgroup [no description available]
UpsilonPhi Upsilon Phi - Truman State University, MO
Upsilonphialumni Upsilon Phi Alumni - Truman State University, MO
UpsilonPsi University of South Florida (USF) - Tampa, FL
Xi Xi Chapter Listserv - University of Kansas
xialpha The mailing list of the Xi Alpha Chapter - Hastings College
xidelta [no description available]
XiEpsilon Phi Mu Alpha - Xi Epsilon Chapter Mailing List (Shepherd University)
xieta [no description available]
XiGamma The Xi Gamma Chapter of Province 33
xikappa [no description available]
XiLambda The Listserv of Phi Mu Alpha - Xi Lambda Chapter
ximu [no description available]
xinu [no description available]
XiOmega Frostburg State University
xitau [no description available]
xitheta Radford University
XiUpsilon Xi Upsilon (Eastern Illinois University) listserv
XiZeta [no description available]
Zeta Zeta Chapter - University of Missouri
zetaalpha Listserv of Zeta Alpha at Rowan University
zetaepsilon Zeta Epsilon
ZetaEta The Zeta Eta Chapter (Marshall University - Huntington, WV)
Zetaetaalumni Zeta Eta Alumni
zetagamma Zeta Gamma Listserv - Valdosta State University
ZetaIota Zeta Iota Chapter - Howard University
zetakappa Zeta Kappa Chapter Listserve (University of Louisville)
Zetakappaalumni Zeta Kappa and Louisville Area Alumni
Zetamu Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia - Zeta Mu, Sam Houston State University
ZetaMuAlum Alumni of the Zeta Mu Chapter
ZetaOmega Zeta Omega Chapter (Hartt School, University of Hartford)
ZetaOmicron Phi Mu Alpha @ Georgia Southern University!
zetapsi [no description available]
ZetaPsiAlumni East Carolina University
Zetarho [no description available]
ZetaSigma Zeta Sigma Chapter @ Texas Tech University
ZetaSigmaAlumni Alumni of the Zeta Sigma chapter
Zetatau [no description available]

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